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Welcome to ReAction Game Development


Welcome to ReAction Game Development site.

The website is currently under construction. There is a lot that needs to be worked on. Sorry for any bugs or "typo" errors!

So, what can you except to see here? We are two dudes (that got the worst humor ever!) with a passion for gaming, that decided to start making games for Windows Desktop, Android and iPhones. There isn't too much to say except welcome, and we hope you find the site interesting. If you are interested in what we are doing, head over to The Game and take a look at what we currently are doing (same info will also be updated here on the frontpage). We will be adding content here as we progress into the development.



Development log

Update log 06.11.2013

  • Performed a complete rewrite of the Tile object by using sprite indices instead of subclassing a Tile superclass
  • Preparing code to support levels designed with the popular Tiled editor
  • First AI test code completed for a simple Finite State Machine (FSM) object hierarchy outputting pure console text
  • Starting research of several different forms of AI development techniques

Update log 28.10.2013

    Game Engine Update:
  • Text rendering using texture-based font
  • Full-screen mode and FPS display
  • Mapping of projectile types to the number keys 1-3. Each projectile has its own stats (firerate, dps, range) and associated texture
  • Ingame Mapsize increased from 60x60 to 100x100 pixels

  • Spritesheet / Graphic update:
  • Upped the tile pixels from 32x32 to 64x64
  • Changed Player Sprite (128x128 pixels)
  • Added a couple of new textures (bricks)
  • Added Font (this is to be changed later on)
  • New bullet and particle sprite
  • Added two new "bullets"
  • Added an "actionbar". No reason. Just for testing
  • Cleaned up the spritesheet a bit

Update log 22.10.2013

  • Shader object now handles multiple vertex and fragment shader programs
  • New vertex and fragment shader for handling color input attribute
  • Sprite batcher updated with color attribute and shader program selection
  • Sprite rendering with alpha parameter
  • Alpha support tested for particle rendering - value is based on percentage of remaining lifetime
  • Planning for local rotation of sprites to enable free direction movement of player and mobs

Update log 21.10.2013

Early look at the game (Sorry, but we have removed the video for now, as we are in the process of making a new one. TBA! :)

Update log 19.10.2013

  • Basic Movement up
  • Collission detection
  • Vertex and Fragment Shader up and running
  • Something amazingly |insert hard word to pronounce here|
  • Particles up and running
  • Simple AI movement
  • Small adjustment to the spritesheet

Update log 17.10.2013

  • Sprites upped from 16x16 -> 32x32 pixels
  • Added more sprites into the sheet

Update 14.10.2013

  • Decided on a Name: Force of Cilgar
  • Increased window resolution from 640x480 -> 1024x768
  • Memory Adjustment for increased FPS. Currently hovering around 1500FPS on a "crap" computer, with peak at 3000